Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


An internship can be a vital part of the educational experience for those students studying theatre. It can help the student make valuable contacts in the city and prepare the student for an entry-level career or graduate school admission. The internship is structured as an independent study course (THTR 394) taken for credit, supervised by the Director of Theatre or DFPA Chairperson.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for an internship with an appropriate theatre business in the Chicago area
  • Internships may only be taken for credit
  • Arrangements for the internship must be completed before registering for credit
  • Approval of the internship by the Director of Theatre or Chairperson must happen prior to registration
  • Students seeking approval for an internship in theatre should complete the DFPA Internship Student Agreement Form.  Obtain the required signatures, and once completed, return it to the Director of Theatre, who will register the student for THTR 394: Internship in Theatre.

Guidelines for Credit:

  • Three hours of academic credit are assigned unless otherwise arranged
  • The required amount of time spent working on each internship will vary according to the duties performed and the theatre/organization, and will be approved by the Director of Theatre on a case by case basis.  A suggested total of 200 hours is an appropriate minimum for three internship credits.
  • A positive evaluation is required from the site supervisor of the internship before credit will be awarded.  This evaluation is due to the Director of Theatre upon completion of the internship period. 
  • The student must keep an Internship Daily Log Sheet due to the Director of Theatre no later than the last day of the semester.