Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Theatre & Social Justice Working Group

Any Loyola Theatre students (majors, minors, or participants in courses or productions) are welcome to attend Loyola Theatre & Social Justice Working Group. If you’re interested in how theatre can potentially help build a more just world, this group is for you.


TSJ Working Group is not a class. There are no grades. You can come and go. Usually we meet for an hour on a handful of days each semester. The specific meeting schedule changes annually, but most of our meetings happen on late Friday afternoons. Attending one meeting doesn’t obligate you to attend again. Some students always attend. Some drop in. Theatre & Social Justice Working Group is faculty coordinated but driven by student interests.

The group is designed to be useful to all students, no matter their area of focus in theatre: playwriting, theatre for social change/political theatre, dramaturgy, design, production and stage management, directing, acting, public relations, casting, education and community engagement, or all of the above–and more.

We host sessions on a range of topics. We attend plays together and reflect on them. We talk about the practical elements of applying for work in the arts and for other educational/artistic opportunities. We think about tendencies in contemporary theatre and performance practices, locally, nationally, and internationally. We explore how we as theatre makers can engage as ethically as possible with the times in which we live.

If you’d like to be added to the Theatre & Social Justice Working Group email list so that you are updated about meetings and events across the academic year, notify faculty coordinator Kelly Howe at khowe2@luc.edu.