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Department of Fine and Performing Arts


A total of 47 credits is required to receive a B.A. in Theatre. View the 47-credit curriculum here

Many courses offered by the DFPA count towards Core Curriculum credit in Artistic Knowledge and Experience as well as the area of Engaged Learning

It's important to note that while many courses are offered every semester, more advanced classes are offered less frequently - often once a year, or even every two years. Rotations are subject to change. Click here for a list of course rotations.

Many DFPA classes have enrollment caps. These caps ensure that our majors and minors, including any declared incoming freshmen, are able to enroll in the classes they need to complete their degree. If you are a Fine Arts major or minor and are trying to register in a class that is full, contact the Director of Fine Arts who can register you. If you are a non-Fine Arts major or minor trying to enroll in order to complete your Core or elective requirements, please check LOCUS once all enrollment is complete for any spaces that may be left.

Make sure to check for prerequisites while enrolling. If you have not taken appropriate prerequisites, then do not enroll in the course. The department will remove you from it later, but meanwhile you’ll prevent others from enrolling. See your advisor if your schedule makes it necessary to take courses out of sequence.

With the exception of Studio Arts Majors and Minors:

  1. Students may not major and minor in the same discipline.
  2. Majors: No less than 21 credit hours in the individual student’s transcript must be unique to each major; that is, the courses in question are considered as actually fulfilling requirements of one major, not of more than one major.
  3. Minors and interdisciplinary minors: not less than 8 credit hours in the individual student’s transcript must be unique to each minor; that is, the courses in question are considered as actually fulfilling requirements of one minor, not of more than one minor or major.
  4. General exceptions to Rules 2 and 3 will be made if approved by the chairs/directors of the department(s)/program(s) housing each affected major and minor. A list of standing general exceptions will be maintained by the Dean's office.
  5. Individual student exceptions may be made in appropriate cases by department chairs and program directors.
  6. Departments and Programs may enforce stricter double-dipping policies than those stated above, which also should be provided to the Dean’s Office.

Click here to see detailed descriptions of Theatre courses.

Non-Major Courses
These classes are designed for students interested in theatre, but not pursuing a major or minor in theatre. Open to all students, regardless of course of study.
Course # Title Credits
THTR 100 Introduction to the Theatre Experience 3
THTR 142 Class Voice for Beginners (MUSC 142) 3
THTR 252 Theatrical Design I 3
THTR 261 Acting I 3
History, Literature, and Criticism Courses
Course # Title Credits
THTR 203 Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Process 3
THTR 305 Theatre Workshop 3
THTR 335 London Theatre Experience 3
THTR 341 Studies in Dramatic Form 3
THTR 364 Theatre History and Literature I 3
THTR 365 Theatre History and Literature II 3
THTR 366 Theatre History and Literature III 3
THTR 367 Theatre History and Literature IV 3
Design and Technology Courses
Course # Title Credits
THTR 227 Stage Management 3
THTR 252 Theatrical Design I 3
THTR 300 Design Technology 3
THTR 321C Theatre Practicum: Construction 2
THTR 321E Theatre Practicum: Electrics 2
THTR 321P Theatre Practicum: Production Staff 1
THTR 321R Theatre Practicum: Running Crew 1
THTR 321S Theatre Practicum: Scenic Construction 2
THTR 324D Applied Design 1-3
THTR 324M Applied Management 1-3
THTR 327 Theatre Operations 3
THTR 329 Make-up and Mask Design 3
THTR 345 Storytelling Design 3
THTR 346 Scenic Art 3
THTR 352 Theatrical Design II 3
THTR 353 Theatrical Design III 3
Performance and Directing Courses
Course # Title Credits
THTR 204 Playwriting 3
THTR 241 Voice and Diction for the Stage I 3
THTR 244 Voice and Diction for the Stage II 3
THTR 262 Intermediate Acting 3
THTR 266 Acting Theories & Techniques I 3
THTR 267 Acting Theories & Techniques II 3
THTR 275 Teleplay Production 3
THTR 323 Rehearsal and Performance: Acting and Directing 1-12
THTR 331 Movement: Theories and Techniques I 3
THTR 332 Movement: Theories and Techniques II 3
THTR 344 Dialects for the Stage 3
THTR 347 Children's Theatre 3
THTR 348 Creative Dramatics 3
THTR 368 Acting Theories and Techniques III 3
THTR 369 Acting Theories and Techniques IV 3
THTR 375 Play Direction: Theatre Capstone 3
THTR 376 Advanced Play Direction 3
THTR 377 Audition Seminar 3
THTR 393 Shakespeare Seminar 3
THTR 394 Internship in Theatre 1-6
THTR 395 Seminar in Theatre I 3
THTR 397 Fieldwork in Chicago 1-6
THTR 399 Independent Study 3