Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


In addition to the classroom experience, Loyola’s proximity to the city of Chicago and its many theatres offer wonderful opportunities for our students. We strive to open our students to experiences in the Chicago theatre community by bringing in professional designers, musicians, artisans, and teachers.

Loyola partners with Pivot Arts to present the Loyola University Arts Incubator Program. This program gives artists time and space to develop original performance pieces that are often multi-disciplinary or unique in concept. Loyola students are mentored on each project and have the opportunity to be in a rehearsal room with cutting-edge, professional artists without having to leave campus.

Current students can also join the Theatre Sakai site to receive news updates, announcements, and student opportunities. If you would like to join this site, please send a request to dfpamc@luc.edu.

Loyola University Chicago is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre and a proud member of the League of Chicago Theatres.