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  • A conversation with Elizabeth Avery (Girl) and Ethan Burfield (Guy) about Once.

    "Audiences can look forward to seeing these student actors and musicians genuinely have the time of their lives every night, and to express their love of music on stage authentically. I've really enjoyed being stretched with this show and challenged in a really delightful way and getting to meet a lot of new people has been truly wonderful." -Elizabeth Avery, "Girl" in the Loyola University Chicago production of Once.
  • MainStage

    The Inspiration Behind Once

    Loyola’s final main stage production of the 2023/24 season, Once, brings the cult-classic indie film to life in the Newhart Family Theatre. Based on the 2007 film, Once follows two working class musicians looking for artistic and personal fulfillment in Dublin.
  • Mainstage

    An Interview with Fairview director Dr. DeRon S. Williams

    "Fairview is a difficult play to understand, and it's a difficult play to direct. So, because of both of those things, it drew me in. I like a good challenge. I like to be challenged in the rehearsal room. I like to be challenged intellectually, and this play allows for that. It also leaves you wondering how the audience is going to respond to it, whether it be positive, negative, or somewhere in between, and that's where this play exists." -Dr. DeRon S. Williams
  • Mainstage

    An Interview with Fairview Assistant Scenic Designer and Theatre Minor Kay Broun

    "The setting is very interesting because it is a one room show in a weird way, but it's a whole house. One of the big questions that we were working on was how to get a house on stage, and in budget."
  • Faculty News

    An in-depth interview with Director of Theatre Lee Keenan

    In a recent interview, Director of Theatre Lee Keenan reflects on the themes and goals of the current mainstage season, the value of emphasizing dramaturgy, and the future of the theatre program at Loyola.
  • Faculty News

    Theatre Faculty Member Receives a Sujack Award

    Associate Professor of Theatre, Kelly Howe, Ph.D. is a recipient of the 2022 Edwin T. & Vivijeanne F. Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence.