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Financial Aid & Scholarships

John T. Trahey Mustard Seed Scholarship for Theatre Arts

  • John T. Trahey Mustard Seed Scholarships are tuition awards that enable talented students to train in all areas of theatre. 
  • Eligibility: Must maintain full-time students status at Loyola University Chicago and major in Theatre.
  • Requirements: Students must demonstrate financial need with minimum G.P.A. of 3.0
  • Applications and Auditions: Auditions and interviews are typically the first weekend of February every year. Students must attend an in-person audition or interview on the dates specified. All recipients are announced before April 1. Click here to apply for the John T. Trahey Mustard Seed Scholarship.
  • Monetary Value: Varied; determined by the annual contributions from subscribers and friends toward the Theatre program, the student's need, number of applications for the scholarship, and amount of money available.
  • Terms for Renewal: Maintenance of full-time student status with minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 in theatre courses at Loyola University Chicago, continued demonstration of financial need, and participation in successful performance in theatre.

J. Pat Miller Scholarship

  • This award provides financial assistance to talented juniors that major in Theatre and demonstrate acting potential.
  • Eligibility: Must maintain full-time student status at Loyola University Chicago and major in Theatre.
  • Requirements: Juniors who demonstrated financial need with a minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
  • Monetary Value: Variable.
  • Past recipients 

JP O’Connell Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is intended for theatre majors or minors.

  • Eligibility: Theatre majors and minors 
  • ApplicationStudents interested in being considered for this opportunity must submit an application through the Loyola Scholarship Connection.  Applications are now being accepted through April 15, 2021Award will be announced at the DFPA Awards Ceremony at the end of the academic year. 
  • Monetary Value: Variable. 

McMahon Family Scholarship for Theatre

Provides scholarship assistance to one or more students enrolled at the College of Arts and Sciences. Preference will be given to Theatre/Musical Theatre majors and minors who demonstrate outstanding academic merit as determined by the University. 

  • Eligibility: Preference will be given to Theatre majors and minors or Musical Theatre minors 
  • Requirements: Students must demonstrate financial need with minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 
  • Applications Students interested in being considered for this opportunity must submit an application through the Loyola Scholarship Connection.  Applications are now being accepted through April 15, 2021 
  • Monetary Value: Varies from year to year. 

The Mighty Quinn Foundation Scholarship

In honor of Quinn Rooney, a passed Loyola student and Connecticut native, the Mighty Quinn Foundation (formerly known as the Quinn Rooney Foundation) offers an annual scholarship to a DFPA student who exhibits a love of the arts, education, and hard work.

The scholarship application includes brief personal information and activities/interests sections, as well as a short essay portion and “free form” essay.

The application is due by July 1st and can be submitted via email to apply@mightyquinnfoundation.org. The winner will be announced on their website shortly after the submission deadline.

Click to download Mighty Quinn Scholarship Application.


To help make college affordable, Loyola offers a number of scholarships and assistance in applying for financial aid. We highly encourage our students to check out https://luc.academicworks.com/ as well as outside scholarship sites. Loyola also offers resources for navigating grantsstudent loans, and tuition & fees.