Graduate, Professional, & Adult Student Life (GPASL) is a collaborative unit building community at Loyola University Chicago’s dynamic, urban campus in the heart of Chicago.  We provide and promote transformative and diverse experiences that empower students to live out our Jesuit values.

GPASL facilitates student formation in its deepest sense, integrating intellectual, ethical, spiritual and emotional-social development.  We provide outreach to underclass, upper-class, graduate and professional students through a variety of programs, services and advocacy efforts, working together with faculty, staff and student organizations.

Together, as members of the Graduate, Poressional, & Adult Student Life unit, we strive to exemplify the following values:

Hospitality: Striving to offer welcome, we embrace the practice of showing respect and generosity of spirit for all who enter through our doors.

Service: Recognizing that our gifts are to be used in the service of others, we believe that it is essential to connect with and give back to the wider community.

Holistic Education: Appreciating the multidimensional development of our students, we provide a well-rounded program of opportunities for growth.

Faith and Spiritual Development: Honoring our Jesuit, Roman Catholic Tradition, we foster a safe and welcoming space where all are invited to express and explore their beliefs as they develop an adult spirituality.

Diversity: Acknowledging that we are a multifaceted community, we embrace difference and diversity in all forms and will strive to continuously be a safe space where we all learn about ourselves in the process of learning about others.

Graduate, Professional, & Adult Student Life