WTC Study Area Guide

Study Areas are spaces that may allow for quiet study or reflection.
Collaborative Areas are spaces that allow for group study or discussion.
Oasis Areas are spaces that feature rest areas, food, and/or refreshments.
Posting Areas are spaces that allow for advertisements and notices to be posted, in the form of posters and flyers. Please review the campus posting policy for additional information.
Other spaces offer opportunities and amenities not previously categorized.


Terry Student Center 26 East Pearson
Study Areas: Floor 3
Collaborative Areas: Lobby, Lu's Deli (basement), 3rd floor
Oasis Areas: Lobby (Lu's Deli), Floor 2 (complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate), Floor 3 (vending machines)
Posting Areas: Floors 1 – 3, near elevator, Baumhart Residence Hall
Other: Lockers on floor 3, near WLUW

Schreiber Center 16 East Pearson
Study Areas: Great Stairs, floors 2 – 4, 6, 8 – 10; Financial Services and Business Analytics Lab 302 (if no a class in session); reservable breakout rooms on floors 2, 4 – 7 (click here for more information); Computer terminals, floors 5 – 7
Collaborative Areas: Great Stairs, floor 1, floors 2 – 4, and 6; reservable breakout rooms
Oasis Areas: N/A
Posting Areas: Above water fountains on floors 2 – 7
Other: N/A

Maguire Hall 1 East Pearson
Study Areas: Floors 2 and 3
Collaborative Areas: Floor 2
Oasis Areas: N/A
Posting Areas: Floors 2 and 3 above computers, Floor 4, near elevators
Other: Lockers on 1st/2nd floors

Corboy Law Center 25 East Pearson
Study Areas: Lower Level, Lewis Library (floors 6 – 9), reservable study rooms in Lewis Library, floor lounges (floors 11, 13, and 14)
Collaborative Areas: Lower Level, Nina's Café, basement, reservable study rooms in the library
Oasis Areas: Lower Level (Nina's Café, vending machines)
Posting Areas: Lower Level, floors 1 – 3, and 6
Other: lockers on floors 11 – 14, Lewis Library (6th floor)

School of Communication 51 East Pearson
Study Areas: computers on 2nd floor
Collaborative Areas: basement and 1st floor, 2nd floor
Oasis Areas: N/A
Posting Areas: Lower level, classrooms, floors 1 and 2, near computers
Other: N/A