Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 117

Functions Modeling Change: A Preparation for Calculus, 5th Edition, Eric Connally, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew M. Gleason packaged with WileyPlus.

Chapter 1: Linear Functions and Change 

   1.1 Functions and Function Notation 
   1.2 Rates of Change 
   1.3 Linear Functions 
   1.4 Formulas for Linear Functions 
   1.5 Modeling with Linear Functions 
   1.6 Fitting linear functions to data 

Chapter 2: Functions 

   2.1 Input and Output 
   2.2 Domain and Range 
   2.3 Piecewise-defined functions 
   2.4 Preview of Transformations: Shifts 
   2.5 Preview of Composite and Inverse Functions 
   2.6 Concavity 

Chapter 3: Quadratic Functions 

   3.1 Introduction to the Family of Quadratic Functions 
   3.2 The vertex of a Parabola 

Chapter 6: Transformations and their graphs 

   6.1 Shifts, reflections, and symmetry 
   6.2 Vertical stretches and compressions 
   6.3 Horizontal stretches and combinations of transformations 

Chapter 11: Polynomial and Rational Functions 

   11.1 Power functions and proportionality 
   11.2 Polynomial functions 
   11.3 The short-run behavior of polynomials 
   11.4 Rational functions 
   11.5 The short-run behavior of rational functions 

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