Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

AY 12-13

  • Loyola Faculty Honored

    The Special Semester on Game Theory and Partial Differential Equations at the Mathematics Research Center (on the campus of the University of Pittsburg) has invited Dr. Robert Jensen to give a week-long graduate course on "Singular Perturbations of PDEs and Games." The Special Semester on Automorphic Forms, Combinatorial Representation Theory, and Multiple Dirichlet Series at ICERM (the newly created MSRI at Brown University) has invited Dr. Peter Tingley to give a lecture on "Crystals and (Affine) MV Polytopes."
  • How did you celebrate Pi Day?

    What did you do on 3.14?
  • Special Colloquium

    Special Lecture on q-Counting

    Richard Askey delivers lecture on q-extensions of binomial coefficients, the gamma function, and more.
  • Math Club Event

    Loyola Cubed

    Math Club teaches Loyola faculty and students how to solve Rubik's Cube.
  • Special Colloquium

    Special Lecture on Geometry and Math Education

    Zalman Usiskin delivers lecture on the shape of geometry in the high school curriculum
  • Literary Takes on Mathematical Intuition

    In the very excellent (stats centric) blog Quomodocumque, we find a nice quotation from David Foster Wallace about mathematical intuition, which he compares to James Joyce’s heady notion of epiphany and Yeats' "the click of a well-made box."
  • Pop Quiz: Is Algebra Necessary?

    Andrew Hacker is "dead wrong"
  • Statistics2013

    Throughout 2013, participating organizations from over 108 countries will promote the importance of statistics to the scientific community, business and government data users, the media, policymakers, employers, secondary school and college students, and millions of people like you. Many participating organizations are planning seminars, media outreach, and [...]
  • MPE2013

    Our planet is the setting for dynamic processes of all sorts, including the geophysical processes in the mantle, the continents, and the oceans, the atmospheric processes that determine our weather and climates, the biological processes involving living species and their interactions, and the human processes of finance, agriculture, water, transportation, and energy. The challenges facing our planet and our civilization are multidisciplinary and multifaceted, and the mathematical sciences play [...]