Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

AY 17-18

  • ASA Datafest 2018

    ASA Datafest returns to Loyola! This weekend-long data competition is held at top Universities across the nation and provides an opportunity for students, professors, and industry professionals to collaborate and analyze a surprise dataset. Join us!
  • STEM grant awarded to Math/Stat Department

    Loyola was selected to join APLU's $3,000,000 grant. Click to read more about the details.
  • openWAR on Baseball Analytics

    Within baseball analytics, there is substantial interest in comprehensive statistics intended to capture overall player performance. One such measure is Wins Above Replacement (WAR), which aggregates the contributions of a player in each facet of the game: hitting, pitching, baserunning, and fielding. However, current versions of WAR depend upon proprietary data, ad hoc methodology, and opaque calculations. Dr. Matthews proposes a competitive aggregate measure, openWAR, that is based upon public data and methodology with greater rigor and transparency.
  • Welcome New Faculty!

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics has some new additions this semester. Click to learn more about our new faculty members and where they come from.
  • What did you do this summer?

    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics asked a few of math & stat students how they spent their summer. Click to find out the details!
  • Marian Bocea appointed NSF Program Director

    Congratulations to Marian Bocea, who will become a Program Director in the Applied Mathematics section of the NSF's Division of Mathematical Sciences beginning in September, 2017.
  • Mathematics and Statistics at URES 2018

    The Math & Stat Department had many of our students participating in the Undergraduate Research Symposium. After a year of hard work to prepare, the students all did a wonderful job presenting their research. Take a look at pictures and presentations from the event here!
  • Congratulations to 2018 Graduates!

    At the close of the academic year, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics wishes to recognize all of our students' outstanding achievements, especially our graduates. Take a look at our graduates achievements.