Loyola University Chicago

Modern Languages and Literatures

Capstone E-Portfolio on TaskStream for French, Italian, and Spanish BA

The senior culminating capstone e-Portfolio to be created on Digication is required for graduation.  It is graded as ‘Meets or Does Not Meet Requirements’. 

This is a ‘digital storytelling’ reflection on the highlights of your personal academic achievements, and of your immersion experiences in your target language (French, Italian, and/or Spanish).  It can be tailored as a showcase for use in your career search.

Starting at 250, or 270 (if that is your starting point), you should begin building your e-Portfolio.

Your finalized e-Portfolio is due Friday of the 10th week of your last semester at Loyola.

You will present your e-Portfolios at a scheduled date, in the target language, in 5-7 minutes, to professors and fellow graduates, the 13th week of your last semester at Loyola.

The complete instructions are found here.  Also in the instructions are links to Task Stream tutorials and the technical contact e-mail to Experiential Learning/Task Stream.  It is recommended that you meet at minimum once per semester throughout your major courses with your MLL major advisor regarding meeting your academic requirements as well as for your e-Portfolio content and preparation.