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BA in Italian

Italian 300-Level Course Descriptions

Degree Requirements

Completion of the BA in Italian degree program requires ten courses totaling 30 credits, excluding 101–104 or their equivalent.

Requirements include four 200-level courses, 312, and five additional 300-level courses chosen from the list below. Of the six 300-level courses taken, four must be literature courses.

Required 200-level Courses

  • 250 & 251: Composition & Conversation I & II. Courses designed to develop greater fluency in speech and writing
  • 270 & 271: Main Currents of Italian Literature I & II. Courses designed to acquaint the student with the main currents of Italian literature through the study of selected representative works

Note: 200-level courses are prerequisites for 300-level courses.

Required 300-level Course

  • 312: Dante: The Divine Comedy

Five additional 300-level courses may be chosen from among the following:

  • 300: Tutorial for Credit
  • 301: Stylistics
  • 308: Literary Criticism
  • 314: Survey of Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Literature
  • 315: Italian Renaissance Literature
  • 316: The Renaissance Chivalric Poems
  • 317: Early Nineteenth Century Literature
  • 318: Late Nineteenth Century Literature
  • 319: Twentieth Century Novel
  • 320: Twentieth Century Poetry
  • 331: Italian Theater
  • 340: The Short Story in Italian Literature
  • 390: Culture and Civilization
  • 398: Senior Seminar
  • 399: Honors Tutorial

Current Loyola students: To declare a major in Italian, print out a Declaration of Major Form from the College of Arts & Sciences, and bring the form to Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Crown Center 217. Upon declaring a major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. It is your responsibility to arrange interviews with the advisor at least twice a year. Any questions should be addressed to the advisor. Majors will not be permitted to enroll in 300-level courses without the permission of the advisor.

Students with prior knowledge of Italian: Please contact a full-time Italian faculty member before registering for a class.

Teacher Education Requirements

Eleven courses totaling 33 credits, excluding 101-104, including Stylistics, Culture and Civilization and either Linguistics 120 or 125. Students in Secondary Education must also take Linguistics 302—Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.

Departmental Honors

Students graduating with Departmental Honors take one Honors Tutorial (Italian 399) in addition to the above requirements.

Italian Minors

Minor in Italian Language

A student pursuing the Minor in Italian Language should select six courses in consultation with the departmental advisor. Students with no background in Italian will begin the sequence with 101. Students with high school or other background language will be placed in Italian 102, 103 or 104.

Minor in Italian Language and Literature

A student pursuing the Minor in Italian Language and Literature is required to take six courses in Italian excluding 101 through 104. Students normally take 250, 251, 270, 271 and two courses at the 300 level. Students who are fluent in the language may begin the sequence at the 270-level with the chairperson's permission.

Declaring a Minor

Please log in to your LOCUS account to declare a minor in Italian. Visit http://www.luc.edu/hub/declaremajor.shtml for more information on how to add a minor in LOCUS. Upon declaring a minor, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor. Contact the Undergraduate Program Director in Italian, if questions or concerns arise.

For more information about our Italian programs, please contact us.