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Modern Languages and Literatures


The Major in French offers students the opportunity to master skills of language acquisition and textual analysis while developing multicultural awareness of the diversity inherent in the Francophone world. Our program prepares students to think critically, and allows them to gain a broad appreciation and deep understanding of French and Francophone literatures and cultures. Our curriculum includes courses in literature from the Middle Ages until the present day, as well as interdisciplinary courses that look at cultural and historical movements. Most French majors take advantage of the study abroad opportunities offered in conjunction with the Office for International Programs, and participate in extracurricular activities such as French Club or language tutoring and coaching.


Ten courses totaling 30 credits, excluding French 101–104 or their equivalent. Required courses include:

  • Composition and Conversation, I and II (French 250 and 251)
  • Main Currents of French Literature, I and II (French 270 and 271)
  • Stylistics (French 301) or French for Professions (French 302)
  • Le Grand Siècle: Survey of seventeenth-century literature and culture (French 317)
  • Four additional 300-level courses in French

A senior Capstone E-Portfolio is required for graduation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Major in French, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing skills
  • Develop analytical skills that will allow them to read and write in French as well as write organized essays with developed arguments
  • Develop skills of literary analysis that will allow them to understand major topics in French and Francophone literatures and cultures
  • Trace developments over time in literary and cultural movements as well as transformations of political and historical institutions
  • Analyze and interpret numerous literary texts in order to better comprehend the representations of cultural identity and make cross-cultural, intercultural connections
  • Establish connections between literature, film, and history in France and the Franco-phone world
  • Attain better cultural competency
  • Foster a lifelong interest and enthusiasm for French-speaking cultural production

Professional Uses

  • Education
  • Translation 
  • Government
  • Foreign service
  • International business
  • International law
  • Journalism
  • Health and medicine

Studying French at Loyola University Chicago will give you a firm grasp of French language and culture. What you may not realize is that Loyola's French professors will also prepare you to excel at all of your future endeavors.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures takes pride in helping our students learn how to learn. The reasoning, speaking, and writing skills that you will acquire here will benefit you later in life whether you need to communicate successfully in French, English, or a third language. Many of our alumni have pursued careers in education, business, computer science, and other fields.

Our faculty have a passion for French language and culture and by sharing our enthusiasm for French with our students, we help them uncover their own passion—whether that be for French literature, culture, history, art, or even food! Wherever your curiosity takes you, we urge you to explore. And speaking of exploring, why not take advantage of all the cultural opportunities the city of Chicago has to offer you? Join the University's French Club and enhance your understanding of French language and culture through visits to Chicago area museums, theatres, and restaurants.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures also values the learning experience inherent in studying abroad. We encourage students to hone their language skills and immerse themselves in French culture through our summer study abroad program. Our five to six-week program provides students with intensive language instruction. Please consult French professors and/or the Office of International Programs for up-to-date details.

For more information about our programs in French, please contact us.