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Dean Morrato Signs Open Letter to Pres. Trump from Leaders of America’s Public Health Schools and Programs.

Mr. President:

We join as leaders of academic public health in America to urge you and the American people to relentlessly focus on science-based interventions to prevent further transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The protection of the American people from the disease must remain our priority.

The Covid-19 virus is a ruthlessly efficient and determined adversary that forces all segments of society to set aside personal conveniences and expressions of individualism to achieve our shared objective of preventing disease transmission. Your leadership is essential in this effort.

We are proud of the extraordinary efforts being made by our graduates and faculty to answer important scientific questions about the virus through research. The career Federal scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and at other government agencies – many of whom graduated from our schools and programs – are working to unravel Covid-19’s mysteries. They deserve our praise, thanks, and support. Similarly, the public health professionals serving at state, territorial, tribal, and local public health departments, deserve our profound gratitude for working tirelessly since winter to mitigate Covid-19’s spread.

We call on you and all members of your administration to focus on providing the maximum support and resources possible to federal and university researchers and other public health professionals seeking to protect and educate the American public on the most damaging and impactful pandemic of our lifetimes. The American public deserves honest answers to their most pressing questions and should have access to critical data and information so that they can make informed personal decisions.

Confidence in such objective information is essential, and the administration should make every effort to ensure that the data is not subject to manipulation for any reason. Moreover, the need for national policies on testing; personal distancing and social engagement; use of therapeutics, vaccine development, production, and eventual distribution; and, data collection and dissemination are essential if we are to make progress in stopping Covid-19 transmission.

Mr. President, we firmly believe that progress against the Covid-19 pandemic will be achieved by working together and by providing the American people with the information and leadership they deserve. Only when the American people are certain that their health is our national leadership’s primary goal will they fully re-engage in economic activity.

Individually and collectively, the leadership, faculty, staff, and students of America’s schools and programs of public health remain committed to helping the administration, Federal agencies, state and local health departments, and the American people effectively respond to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 virus.