Earn a bachelor and master degree in five years

Build your knowledge in the organization of healthcare administration with this dual degree. A master's degree in public health complements your health care administration studies, enabling you to become a more knowledgeable and evidence-based decision-maker and leader in the field.

Our commitment to you

Graduates of the dual Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and MPH, will possess the following knowledge, skills, and professional values to be a leader in the administration and organization of health care systems:


In the BS program, you will learn about U.S. and global health care systems; the legal, social, and economic environments affecting these systems and health care delivery; and the needs and determinants of individual, community, and population health.

In the MPH program, you will acquire foundational knowledge in the profession and science of public health and factors related to human health.


Beyond the health care systems management skills gained in your undergraduate studies, you will graduate with public health competencies in the areas of evidence-based approaches, public health and health care systems, planning and management, policy, leadership, communication, interprofessional practice, and systems thinking.

Professional Values

Throughout your five years of study, you will learn to integrate values, ethics, and social justice aligned with the Jesuit Catholic tradition into the management and leadership of health care systems and services.


Students accepted into this program take three graduate-level MPH courses during their senior year, including:

  • Determinants of Population Health
  • Public Health Practice and Management
  • Public Health Policy: Concepts and Practice

BS/MPH students complete the remainder of their MPH curriculum within approximately 12 months after their senior year.


Juniors in good academic standing in the Health Systems Management Program may apply to the five-year BS/MPH degree program. Applications are accepted January through March, and must meet the following criteria:

  • Declared undergraduate major in Healthcare Administration
  • Junior based on credit hours earned
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 for all course work at Loyola
  • A minimum 3.5 GPA in at least five completed courses in Healthcare Administration (including 300-level courses)
  • Two letters of recommendation (one from a faculty member from the major)
  • One page Statement of Purpose

Juniors should apply using Graduate & Professional Enrollment Management (GPEM) during the Spring semester of their junior year.

Tuition and Fees

The Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health and Loyola's Financial Aid Office are committed to helping students secure the financial resources to make their education at Loyola affordable.