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Parkinson's Message for Peace and Unity

Message originally sent January 8, 2021

Dear Parkinson Family,

Like many of you, I have felt sad, angry, and stunned watching the attack on our nation’s Capitol Wednesday. These events highlight the extensive division in our country, moving us further away from peace and unity. 

I know we all stand with the Jesuit College & University President’s Call for End to Violence and President Rooney’s message against the inexcusable events that took place in our nation’s Capitol this week.

The Parkinson mission calls us to improve health equity in our communities through innovation, evidence-based research, collaboration, and advocacy.  However, we must acknowledge the extensive work that must be done by each and every one of us to ensure racial equity and justice, and promote peaceful discourse.  Healthy individuals and communities cannot exist without these pillars.  We must continue to take steps toward acknowledging and correcting the inequities locally and nationally.

Our community of students, faculty, and staff – social justice advocates – gives me hope for a future that encourages respectful dialogue, promotes equity, and fosters unity.   Let us continue to care for and walk with one another in a supportive, peaceful, and compassionate way.  Engage in these difficult dialogues with dignity and respect for one another.  We stand against inequity, racism and oppression and resolve to work together, in community, toward a healthier future. 

With thanks for all you do to advance healing on so many levels.

Dean Elaine