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Student Perspectives: Natrina Kennedy

Listen to Loyola University Chicago student, Natrina Kennedy, as she discusses why Loyola Chicago's Master of Public Health program was perfect for her, why social entrepreneurism is important to her, and how the faculty support she received was so beneficial to her education.

Why did you choose to go to Loyola University Chicago for your degrees?

Why did you choose to pursue a degree at Loyola University's Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health?

Can you talk about the MPH Program at Loyola?

Can you talk about your thesis and that process?

Can you discuss the MPH faculty at Loyola?

What is the best part of the Parkinson MPH Program?

How does the MPH Program fit within Loyola's broader mission?

What does your future career path look like?

What is the Women's Health Initiative and how it impacts the Chicago community?

Why is social entrepreneurism important to you and how does Loyola University Chicago help teach and promote this skill?