Health Sciences. Applied.

At its heart, Applied Health Sciences is foundational and collaborative. Faculty and students engage in research to advance knowledge in their fields with the ultimate goal of improving lives through better health. Like the department’s disciplines, faculty research addresses timely needs in communities near and far: from laboratories to local neighborhoods. 


Our diverse faculty brings expertise as registered dietitian nutritionists, exercise scientists, medical laboratory scientists, pathologists, and radiologists. Among their current research pursuits: developing COVID-19 lab procedures, understanding physical activity patterns of people living with disabilities; evaluating the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions on cancer survivorship, and strengthening access to healthy food. Our faculty is dedicated to the success of each and every Parkinson student. Learn more about our faculty.

What you will learn

Depending on their chosen field of study, students learn approaches to: nutrition care and services; fitness and rehabilitation; understand how to manage medical laboratories; assess health conditions using various imaging techniques and administer radiotherapy. Bringing all of these disciplines within one department and within one school fosters essential partnerships, inter-disciplinary teaching (and learning), and collaborative research.

Department Spotlight

Learn more about the exceptional work of Parkinson's Applied Health Science's students and faculty.

From physics to patient care
New Program

From physics to patient care

New Master of Science in Medical Physics degree is a shining example of the opportunities open to aspiring physicists with a passion for helping people.

Exercise Science Laboratories
Research and Resources

Exercise Science Laboratories

Exercise Science students and faculty enjoy two, first-rate laboratories equipped with the latest in health and exercise science technology.


Get to Know Us

Learn more about Parkinson's Applied Health Sciences faculty or programs by contacting Department Chair, Joanne Kouba or view our visit us page.