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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Assistant Professor

Alexander Tomich DNP, RN, CIC, FAPIC earned his Doctorate of Nursing Practice with a focus in Population-based Infection Prevention and Environmental Safety in 2012 from Loyola University Chicago. Since 2013, Alexander has worked at the Rush University System for Health (RUSH) in Chicago, Illinois. As the Associate Vice President of Regulatory and Clinical Effectiveness at RUSH, Alexander leads the Infection Prevention and Control department, the Regulatory and Accreditation program, the Patient Safety department, and the Medical Staff Office. Additionally, Alexander is a member of the faculty at the Parkinson School where he teaches an undergraduate course on Healthcare Workforce Management. Specifically, Alexander oversees the Infection Prevention and Control program for the system wide high consequence infectious disease preparedness and response efforts. Additionally, Alexander was one of the lead Infection Prevention and Control members of the RUSH command center for the system wide COVID-19 response preparations.


Bachelors, Elmhurst College,
Masters, Loyola University Chicago

Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

Healthcare is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. To be able to adapt and successfully navigate such a dynamic entity, study is needed to achieve the best patient outcomes. The ability to work with academics and future leaders is the foundation to improving care and developing successful models of delivery to meet the needs of our at-risk patient populations.

What called you to or attracted you to Loyola?

The spirit of servant leadership that is exhibited by our students, faculty, and staff was a major selling point that aligned with my personal and professional goals. It is exhibited daily in almost every interaction I have been a part of at Loyola. Additionally, the ability to give back to an institution that has given me so much is something that I honor and cherish.