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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Department Chair and Professor, Public Health Sciences

Health Sciences Campus

2021 Amy Luke Headshot Loyola Professor Chair 1000x800MQ.jpg
  • Amy Luke, PhD, FTOS is the Department Chair and Professor of Public Health Sciences.

    My research has allowed me amazing opportunities to travel the world and meet exciting people, not just other researchers but the people in the field with whom I work. I have become a passionate 'Africaphile' as a result of my work here at Loyola. I have been fortunate to be engaged in some truly meaningful scientific work, but also some meaningful community work, especially during the days of the pandemic. My family is of paramount importance to me, and my colleagues come in a close second. Teaching the next generation of public health leaders is a truly enriching experience.


    PhD in Human Nutrition & Nutritional Biology, University of Chicago

    What's it like to teach at Parkinson?

    The Parkinson School is a really lovely environment in which to work and teach. Colleagues, both staff and faculty, are engaged and committed to making this new school succeed. The students are excited to be part of the changing face of public health. The commitment to reducing health inequities is real and tangible here.

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

    Look at the past 18 months and more. The importance of public health has not been on display to such a degree in most of our lifetimes. Now is the time to flex our public health muscles, dig in our heels, and make the public as safe as we possibly can.