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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Part-Time Instructor, Healthcare Administration

Lake Shore Campus

2021 Anooji Rangnekar Headshot Loyola Instructor 1000x800MQ.jpg

I work as the Healthcare Market Strategy Lead at Origami Risk, where I lead the development of new and innovative products and software solutions for our healthcare clients. I earned my undergraduate degree from Loyola's Health Systems Management program, and my master's degree from Rush University. I am thrilled to be an adjunct faculty member at the Parkinson School at Loyola - a University that is near and dear to me - where I teach the undergraduate course on Healthcare Data Analytics, as well as one of the Healthcare in America courses. When not at work or teaching, I enjoy traveling, crafting, running along the Chicago lakefront path, and spending time with family and friends.


BS-HSM, Loyola University Chicago
MS-HSM, Rush University

What prompted you to pursue your field?

It all started with a pen! I've told this story before, but I attended an undergrad program fair the summer before my senior year in HS at Loyola and was attracted to an HSM booth because of a beautiful teal pen. I chatted with the program director, learned about how HSM could merge my love of healthcare with my knowledge of business, and boom - here I am today! And yes, I still have the pen!

What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

Everyone interfaces with the healthcare industry at some point in their lives. They often think about doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. who help make their experience what it is. Well, healthcare is a business, and I am excited that we get to help support a special kind of business through the work that HCA majors do - in a huge variety of ways. We get to talk about strategy, and finance, and come up with innovative solutions to help bring healthcare to the next level.