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Tenured Professor, Public Health Sciences

Health Sciences Campus

  • I am a Genetic Epidemiologist and Statistical Geneticist. I hold a tenured research-intensive appointment at the rank of Professor at the Loyola University Chicago Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health. My academic qualifications include BSc in Human Nutrition and Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics from the University of Ibadan; MSc in Statistical Genetics from the University of Pavia; and PhD in Epidemiology and Community Health from the University at Buffalo. I am a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and active professional member of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society, American Society of Human Genetics, and American Heart Association.


    BS in Human Nutrition and Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics, University of Ibadan
    MS in Statistical Genetics, University of Pavia
    PhD in Epidemiology and Community Health, University at Buffalo

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    I was prompted to study genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics because of my desire to know what and how genetic factors contribute to the distribution, control, and etiology of complex human diseases and traits in populations of Africans and African Diaspora.

    What's it like to teach at Parkinson?

    Working in the Parkinson School provides opportunity to contribute to building the school and to train and mentor students and researchers as part of my passion for capacity building and enhancement for public health.

    What called you to or attracted you to Loyola?

    I was attracted to Loyola after my graduate training as a result of the collaboration with the faculty at the department of Public Health Sciences and the unique career opportunity that Loyola presented through the leadership of the department.