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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Instructor, Medical Laboratory Science Graduate Program

Health Sciences Campus, Maywood


  • Education
    • BSc:   Loyola University Chicago, Biology (major), Political Science, Bioethics (minors)
    • MSc: Rush University, College of Health Sciences (medical laboratory science)
    • MD: AUC School of Medicine
    • Residency: Loyola Medicine, Anatomic/Clinical Pathology

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

    The field of medical laboratory science is as exciting as it is vast. There are so many areas of clinical diagnostic work that support clinical decision-making. Having spent nearly a decade in the field before medical training, now continuing into the clinical specialties of pathology and laboratory medicine, the critical roles for MLS graduates are ever expanding. With over three-fourths of charted medical data derived from our results, and virtually all cancer diagnoses requiring our information, there would be no modern medicine without it. We work on the cutting edge of diagnostic medical technology and sponsor a culture of accuracy, safety, and positive patient outcomes.


    Peer Reviewed:

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