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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Part-Time Instructor, Healthcare Administration

  • I am currently the National Director of Clinical Informatics for Covenant Living Communities and Services where I lead and support our clinical informatics initiatives and implementations to create positive and durable change for our clinicians. At Loyola, I serve as an Adjunct Faculty member as I teach the Health Information System Management (HCA 386) to help undergraduate students understand the life cycle of managing systems and applications and how they impact healthcare. On a personal note, I enjoy cooking, watching movies and spending time with my growing family! 

    • BS in Nursing, North Park University
    • MS in Nursing Informatics, Chamberlain University

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    Knowing that technology was evolving, I understood a need to have healthcare evolve with it. Being technology driven and one desiring for optimizations of processes, I saw it fit to combine both nursing and the study of informatics to help make positive and durable change in healthcare. 

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

    Despite my work not involving direct care, my involvement in this field allows us to work towards positively changing processes that improve a clinician’s work. Therefore, I see this field as having an indirect, yet critical, impact to patient care and outcome.