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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Director, Healthcare Administration

  • I am a passionate and experienced nurse, consultant, administrator, and educator with a demonstrated history of improving clinical research and healthcare operations. I am an innovative educator and trainer-always looking for meaningful, relevant, and impactful "real-world" learning experiences. My fields of expertise include; leadership, clinical operations, clinical research, risk mitigation, strategic planning, research operations, communication improvements, culture assessments, and regulatory analysis. I have been a member of many committees, boards, and task forces. I have been awarded and recognized for my commitment to quality and compliance. I have traveled the country as an invited speaker, raising awareness and trying to increase participation in quality clinical trials. I am a champion for all research participants and honor their decision to contribute to our future. I am a progressive, driven, and collaborative leader striving to make healthcare better for all. When I'm not teaching or consulting, I love spending time with my husband, two kids, or friends. I am an avid reader, gardener, Peloton enthusiast, and football mom. It's pure joy to watch my boys on the field!

    • BSN, The University of Illinois at Chicago
    • MS in Health Sciences, George Washington University
    • EdD, Vanderbilt University

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    When I was a young cancer nurse, people often asked, "Isn't that depressing work?" My simple answer back to them was, "Absolutely not!" I was blessed beyond words to enter my healthcare career in the field of inpatient oncology. I learned about courage, dignity, and the importance of hope and innovation. My roots and commitment to patient care grew and flourished under the guidance and mentorship of many world-class clinicians and administrators. Each year, my resolve strengthened, my wisdom grew, and I saw how leadership and expertise in healthcare administration not only smoothed operations and balanced budgets but also improved patient care and outcomes. My roles as a clinical research and healthcare executive gave me great purpose, fueling my investment and desire to partner with organizations that create, innovate, embrace diversity and equality, and excel for excellence in clinical care. I am dedicated to creating a better and more just healthcare system by educating, supporting, and challenging the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.


    Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

    My research interests are motivated by practical concerns. They include understanding and improving healthcare operations, communication, equity, and resilience. In addition to my healthcare interests, I am also interested in how innovative learning techniques such as augmented reality, virtual reality, simulation, and serious gaming can influence the next generation of healthcare leaders and practitioners. Pedagogically speaking, digital, experiential learning environments solve significant instructional challenges and may lead to a more just, democratized system of learning. These technologies may also offer a more cost-effective and accessible mechanism for deliberate practice, mastery of procedural skills, and an ideal environment for low-risk, complex decision-making.

    What called you to or attracted you to Loyola?

    I'm looking to disturb and disrupt the status quo, exposing opportunities for critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, equality, and partnerships that lead us to a more engaging and supportive learning environment, a reduction of barriers, and increased experiential learning opportunities. To me, education (and health care!) are basic human rights and should be accessible to all. I believe Loyola and the Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health share the same commitment. I have a passion for quality, embrace the study of humanities AND sciences, and feel compelled to raise questions and uphold ethical frameworks. I believe in the importance of religion and the spiritual perspective it can provide, and finally, I am committed to a person-centered approach to education. I want to interact with my students and give as much personal attention as possible. Loyola and Parkinson support my purpose and beliefs my attempt to be a leader in the service of all.