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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Part-Time Instructor, Applied Health Sciences

I am an instructor of Exercise Science at the Parkinson School. In addition to teaching, I am also pursuing my PhD at Lousiana State University. I enjoy motivating people and helping them reach their goals or objectives.

  • BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Ball State University
  • Master's degree in Sports Performance, Ball State University

What prompted you to pursue your field?

My pursuit into this field was my undiscovered love for anatomy, exercise physiology, and strength training. Each course led me deeper and deeper into exercise science; initially as a swim coach to a personal trainer to now pursuing my doctorate.

Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

The continuous research within the exercise science and physical activity field has proven over and over why exercise/physical activity is so important, physiologically and psychologically. We know the importance of both and the implications for individuals. During this pandemic the population is FINALLY realizing how essential physical activity is to the psyche.