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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Research Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences

  • I am physician interested in public health and population health research including translational, social determinants of health, and infectious disease epidemiology. I teach courses in infectious disease epidemiology and global maternal and child health

    • Bachelor's degree, Instituto Thomas Jefferson, Estado de Mexico
    • MD, Anáhuac University
    • Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Residency Program, Universidad La Salle, A.C. 
    • Fellowship in Rhinology and Sinus Surgery, American British Cowdray Hospital, Mexico City
    • MPH in Epidemiology and Statistics, Loyola University Chicago

    What's it like to teach at Parkinson?

    Teaching at Parkinson allows me to provide students with the intellectual tools to understand the array of social issues that intersect with health and well-being. As a diversity scholar, I want my students to understand and appreciate that individuals are part of social and cultural environments, and thus I stress the importance of understanding individual behaviors in a cultural and social context. My goal is for students to gain diverse perspectives and expand their worldviews in these arenas, to help them become critical thinkers.

    Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

    Bringing evidence-based medicine to practice in real world and adapting it to specific local and cultural settings will help make a difference and achieve equity in health care.


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