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Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, Professor, Public Health Sciences

Health Science Campus

My career has allowed me to become recognized as a leader in advancing maternal and child and health (MCH) research and practice, including the establishment of a Center of Excellence in MCH Education, Science and Practice (MCH COE) at a previous place of employment. I have found great joy in teaching hundreds of undergraduate and graduate medical and public health students, conducting research that has included over three million dollars in funding, and serving the MCH community locally, nationally, and internationally. I have a doctorate in child psychology, an MBA in health services management and an MA in adult education, as well as practice-based experience as the inaugural MCH Epidemiologist for the state of Missouri.

  • PhD in Developmental Psychology, University of Kansas
  • MEd in Adult Education, Park University
  • CPH



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Non data-based, Articles in refereed journals (italics indicate student)

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Book / Chapter

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Technical Reports