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Professor Emeritus

Health Sciences Campus

Faculty photo for Stephen Kahn
  • I'm a medical laboratory director and division chief of clinical chemistry/chemical pathology at the Trinity Health Illinois – Loyola Medicine – Regional Laboratory; Associate Director of the Regional Laboratory; Director of Core Laboratory Operations; and Associate Director of Near Patient Testing and Satellite Oncology Laboratories. Jointly appointed in the Stritch School of Medicine and Parkinson as a tenured professor, I teach pathology residents, medical laboratory science students, and others. During my 43-year career at Loyola, I served as our department's interim chair and vice-chair. I'm a past president of two major professional organizations in my fields of expertise. I enjoy sports, reading, and walking as well as spending time with family and friends.

    Research Interests

    My research focuses on quality improvement in laboratory medicine, evidence based laboratory medicine, toxicology, and biomarkers of disease.


    • BS in Zoology, Michigan State University
    • PhD in Biological Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    After obtaining my undergraduate degree, I planned to go into marine biology. However, I worked for a year in a hospital where there was a clinical chemist and where I met the woman who'd become my wife. I decided to stay in the area applying to graduate programs in biochemistry and microbiology. I was awarded a fellowship in biochemistry which led to learning more about clinical chemistry.

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

    My field is important because it stands behind the provision of quality laboratory results in health care and makes a significant contribution to the public health sector.

    What called you to or attracted you to Loyola?

    Nearing the end of my graduate training, I learned of an approved postdoctoral training program in clinical chemistry here on the LUMC campus. I was accepted into the program and have stayed on for the rest of my career. I love this profession as well as its importance to pathology, laboratory medicine, and healthcare delivery. The very best aspect of working at Loyola has been the wonderful people that I work with and teach at all levels.


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