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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Instructor, Medical Laboratory Science Graduate Program

Medical Laboratory Science

  • I am a Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. I have worked in the Flow Cytometry Lab at Loyola Medical Center, Department of pathology for a few years and enjoyed working closely with other laboratory professionals, hematopathologists and hemato-oncologists. During my years in the lab, I had the opportunity to train our Loyola MLS students through their Flow Cytometry clinial rotation. I have the passion to educate and guide the next generation of medical laboratory scientists.

    • BS in Medical Techonoloy, Jordan University for Science and Technology
    • MS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Healthcare Management, Rosalind Franklin University for Medicine and science

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

    The field of clinical laboratory Sciences is essential to healthcare. It is the foundation rock that most diagnostic needs rely on. The field of MLS is a dynamic, exciting profession that continually changes as new scientific and medical knowledge is discovered. Graduates with a master's degree in MLS enjoy a wide range of career options and the market for employment continues to grow faster than most other occupations.