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Minutes for the Philadelphia meeting of the Committee on International Education

Minutes for the Philadelphia meeting
of the Committee on International Education
Members Present: Chesick (Chair), Chow, Drenchko, Fitzgibbons,
H. Gottlieb, Johnson, Manos, Park
Guests Present: Adair, Aubrecht, Burciaga, C. Gottlieb, Jossem,
R. & J. McCullough, Pereira, Preece, Ramsey, Wall, Zou
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January
22, 2002.

Members and friends present introduced themselves. It was noted
there were international visitors from Brazil.

The minutes of the summer meeting at Rochester were unanimously
approved. (Moved: Fitzgibbons, second: Drenchko).

Programs I committee meeting announcements were made:
(1) There are sessions this meeting on "Physics for Everyone".
(2) The newly formed Teacher Preparation Committee has
established a task
force on undergraduate physics. Topics to be studied
include: declining
numbers of majors, two-year college physics programs and the
based physics course.
(3) Philadelphia meeting pre-registration figures were at 1150,
including 58
first-timers. In the future, due to costs, a maximum of 35
workshops will
be offered at national meetings.
(4) AAPT Executive Board strategic planning items include: a
natural science
digital library, outreach activities with other disciplines,
teaching needs, physics education research and student
attendance at AAPT
(5) The undergraduate research and women in physics sessions at
the Philadelphia
meeting were announced.
(6) Plans for the Boise meeting: 3-7 August 2002.
a. The theme will be energy and will include invited speakers:
A. Bartlett
and D. Geist.
b. There will be a reception for international visitors
sponsored by the
International Committee. AAPT will invite international
Upcoming international conferences:
(1) 18th Nordic LMFK Congress: July 29-August 1, 2002, Tornio,

(2) Joint VI International Conference on Physics Education:
September 16-20, 2002, Carmelo, Uruguay.

(3) The 12th International Conference of Women Engineers and
Scientists, entitled "Women in a knowledge-based society", will
be held in Ottowa Canada from July 27-31, 2002. For information,
see the website at: http://www.icwes12.org or send an email
with the subject line ICWES12 to Cheryl_Cadrin@carleton.ca

(4) GIREP Conference: Physics in New Fields and Modern
Applications, Lund, Sweden, August 4-9, 2002. Overlaps with the
AAPT summer meeting.
See the GIREP Web page for details:
Information on international conferences and Fuller Fund
nominations should be sent to G. Ramsey at gpr@hep.anl.gov.
Information can be found at the committee website at:
Future meetings:
1. Summer - August 3-7, 2002: Boise State University, Boise, ID
2. Winter - January 11-15, 2003: Renaissance Austin Hotel,
Austin, TX
3. Summer - August 2-6, 2003: Monona Terrace, Madison, WI
4. Winter - January 24-28, 2004: Radisson Deauville Resort,
Miami Beach, FL.
5. Summer - July 31-August 4, 2004: California State University,
Sacramento, CA
6. Winter - January 8-12, 2005: Albuquerque Convention Center,
Albuquerque, NM.
7. Summer - July 30-August 3, 2005: Yale University, New Haven,
Nominations for new members of the committee:
The following name was submitted to the AAPT Nominating
Committee for membership on the committee: B. Preece.
Sessions for the Austin meeting:
The committee plans to co-sponsor a session (with the Minorities
Committee) on "Physics Teaching Around the World: Hispanic

J. Burciaga came to the committee to gather support for the
National Society of Hispanic Physicists to co-sponsor the Austin
meeting as a joint meeting. He wishes to get an endorsement from
the committee before approaching the Executive Board with the
proposal. A motion to give this endorsement was made by J.
Fitzgibbons and seconded by H. Manos. The motion passed

Invited speakers for the Austin meeting include S. Weinberg, J.
Wheeler and a representative from the National Society of
Hispanic Physicists.
Nominations for the Fuller Fund:
The following people were nominated for Fuller Fund awards: E.
Molto (Cuba) and teachers from Brazil, to be submitted by O.
IAC Cuba: H. Manos
H. Manos (AAPT) and F. Stein (APS) are negotiating with the IAC
and Prof. Molta (Havana) to hold the 8th IAC meeting in Havana,
Cuba. The tentative dates are 7-11 July 2003. A link from the
AAPT website with further information is planned. A motion to
endorse the meeting was made by H. Manos and seconded by J.
Fitzgibbons. The motion passed unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned (Motion: Drenchko, Second:
Fitzgibbons) at 8:15 p.m.
Submitted by G. Ramsey