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Minutes for the Boise meeting of the Committee on International Education

Minutes for the Boise meeting of the
Committee on International Education
Members Present: E. Chesick (Chair), G. Aubrecht, J. Drenchko,
J. Fitzgibbons, H. Gottlieb, P. Johnson, and H. Manos
Guests Present: K. Colwell, S. George, C. Gottlieb, J. Hubisz,
L. Jossem, B. Preece, G. Ramsey, C. Robertson, M. Sankaran
(South Africa), and F. Stein
The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, August
5, 2002.

Members and friends present introduced themselves. It was noted
that there were international visitors from South Africa.

The minutes of the winter meeting at Philadelphia were
unanimously approved. (Moved: Drenchko, second: Fitzgibbons).

Programs I committee meeting announcements were made:
(1) There are 466 papers at this meeting.
(2) There is a tentative plan to have a joint meeting with the
Society of America in 2006.
(3) The theme for the January meeting in Austin is "Space". The
planned plenary
talks include Profs. Richardson from Cornell and Lopez from
El Paso.
The abstracts are due by September 12th.
(4) The Programs Committee is searching for a theme for the
Wisconsin meeting
next summer.

Reports on international conferences:
(1) B. Preece reported on the 12th International Conference of
Women Engineers and Scientists, in Ottawa Canada. The next such
meeting will be in Korea during September of 2003.
(2) H. Gottlieb reported on his trip to Cuba as a preliminary to
the next IAC meeting (see New Business).
(3) The Chair announced the International Reception to be held
the following day at the Hemingway Center.
(4) The Committee plans to sponsor a session on "Physics
Teaching Around the World: Personal Perspectives" at the Austin
meeting in January. B. Preece has also submitted a
cracker-barrel session for that meeting.

Information on international conferences and Fuller Fund
nominations should be sent to G. Ramsey at gpr@hep.anl.gov.
Information can be found at the committee website at:
http://www.luc.edu/depts/physics/cie.html. The page is also
accessible from the AAPT home page: http://www.aapt.org/.

Future meetings:
1. Winter - January 11-15, 2003: Renaissance Austin Hotel,
Austin, TX
2. Summer - August 2-6, 2003: Monona Terrace, Madison, WI
3. Winter - January 24-28, 2004: Radisson Deauville Resort,
Miami Beach, FL.
4. Summer - July 31-August 4, 2004: California State University,
Sacramento, CA
5. Winter - January 8-12, 2005: Albuquerque Convention Center,
Albuquerque, NM.
6. Summer - July 30-August 3, 2005: Yale University, New Haven,

Nominations for new members of the committee:
The following names were submitted to the AAPT Nominating
Committee: John Fitzgibbons for Chair; Betty Preece, Gordon
Ramsey, Simon George and Peter Hopkinson for committee
membership. J. Fitzgibbons mentioned that we should seek future
nominees from younger AAPT members who are involved with
international activities.

Sessions for the Wisconsin meeting:
The committee plans to sponsor a cracker-barrel session at the
2003 summer meeting to discuss international activities and

Suggested invited speakers for this meeting include: Chris Quigg
(Fermilab), Michael Turner (U. of Chicago and Fermilab) and
Vernon Barger (U. of Wisconsin). The theme includes high-energy
physics and plasma physics.

Nominations for the Fuller Fund:
The following people have been nominated for Fuller Fund awards:
E. Molto (Cuba) and teachers from Brazil and Ethiopia. Prof.
Souza from Brazil has been awarded a Fuller Fund two-year
membership to AAPT. Other nominations should be sent to Valerie
Evans with a copy to Chuck Robertson.
IAC Cuba: H. Manos
H. Manos, G. Aubrecht and T. Halperin went to Cuba to negotiate
funding and plans for the IAC meeting in Havana, Cuba. The
meeting will be held at the University of Havana from 7-11 July
2003. Funding is sought from IUPAP, UNESCO, ICTP (Trieste) and
OAS. A website for details will be linked from Gordon
Aubrecht's Web page-

Prof. P. Hoodbhoy has prepared a proposal for a Science Faculty
Training and Development of Prototype Teaching Laboratories
Program. This would be instituted to train physicists in
Pakistan for science education laboratory development. U.S.
assistance is sought (via APS and AAPT) to help develop a
curriculum. The chair will request that the AAPT president
appoint G. Aubrecht of the committee as AAPT liaison to this

L. Jossem brought up the availability of the International
Commission on Physics Education book. This book may be updated
and suggestions are welcome. Information on the book "Physics
2000: Physics as it enters the new millennium" (IUPAP, with a CD
available) is available by sending him an e-mail at-

The meeting was adjourned (Motion: Drenchko, Second: Aubrecht)
at 9:15 p.m.
Submitted by G. Ramsey