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Important Housing Information for Incoming Students

Please note that the priority deadline for applying for housing is May 1, 2024. Students seeking housing accommodations need to be registered with the SAC before this date so that the SAC can collaborate with Residence Life. 


Requesting a Residential Accommodation 


The SAC recognizes that certain disabilities and conditions require specific housing solutions. As such, our office collaborates with the Department of Residence Life to allow students to safely and comfortably live on campus in a way that aligns with university policy and resources. In order to be approved for an accommodation recommendation, the SAC urges students to contact our office to begin the processes as soon as possible. Students will be expected to submit proper documentation to SAC and meet with a member of our staff as part of this process. Please email the SAC at sac@luc.edu or, for registered students, request a meeting via Accommodate to discuss your accommodation needs. 


Information on Residence Life’s policies related to residential accommodations can be found by reviewing the Housing Contract. Please note that being approved for an academic accommodation is not automatically considered for a residential accommodation. 


Residential Accommodation Information 


Residence Life works with students with approved accommodation recommendations to assign them spaces on campus that best meet the accommodations they have on file. These accommodation recommendations can include: 


  • A private sleeping space, or single occupancy room;

  • Access to an elevator or other accessible entryway;

  • Private or semi-private bathroom access;

  • Kitchen access, or other dining related accommodations; or

  • An emotional support animal.


Meal Plan Accommodation Information: As part of the Residency Requirement, first- and second-year students are also enrolled in Loyola’s meal plan, which allows them to eat at any of Loyola’s dining halls. There are food stations in Simpson Hall that are explicitly free of the top 9 food allergens, including milk, eggs, nuts, shellfish, wheat, and soy. More information on Dining Services and dietary needs can be found on their website.