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To request academic, meal plan, or housing accommodations related to a disability, qualifying students must apply for registration with the SAC. All requests for disability accommodations are reviewed on an individualized, case-by-case basis by SAC staff.   


Students can apply with SAC at any point during their academic career but are strongly recommended to begin the process as early as possible, since accommodations are not retroactive. For Fall and Spring Semesters, students must apply with the SAC at least three weeks before the last day of classes for accommodation requests to be considered for the remainder of that semester.   

If academic, meal plan, or housing accommodations are needed related to temporary disabilities (i.e., due to short-term – but serious – conditions resulting from major illness, surgery, or an accident), students should consult with SAC as soon as the condition is identified. Accommodations related to qualifying short-term disabilities will require expedited registration with SAC, so please CALL 773-508-3700.   

Students and faculty are strongly advised not to attempt to arrange for disability accommodations outside of the official SAC process; it is in the best interest of both students and employees to ensure that all accommodation discussions and decisions are compliant with University policy and applicable legal standards, to protect privacy interests and prevent discrimination. 

To apply with our office, students must:

  1. Complete the application form and submit documentation.
  2. Meet with SAC Staff.
    • When SAC has approved your registration and documentation, they will prompt you to schedule a meeting.

Please click here to apply with the SAC!


  • We encourage students to complete application in the summer so all accommodations are in place for the start of fall semester.
  • Incoming students in need of housing accommodations are encouraged to complete application prior to May 1, as we are not able to guarantee accommodations after housing placements are determined.
  • Returning students in need of housing accommodations are encouraged to complete application prior to the housing application process in February. 

Application appointments are not typically scheduled after week 12 of the semester. After week 12, students should submit their online application form and schedule a meeting at the beginning of the following semester.  Exceptions may be considered on an individual basis.


Please note: students requesting a meal plan exemption must also complete the following Residence Life form:

Please click here to apply with the SAC!