Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


MSW/MJ in Child and Family Law

The MSW/MJ in Child and Family Law program blends coursework from both the School of Social Work and the School of Law. MJ students may receive a dual MJ/MSW degree in three years of concentrated study rather than the four years it would take if each degree were pursued separately. Students must apply and be accepted by both programs.

Instead of the 49 required MSW credit hours and 24 required MJ credit hours, dual degree students are required to complete a total of 49 MSW credit hours and 18 MJ credit hours. For the MJ portion of the program, students are still required to take 3 of the required foundational courses from the MJ program (LAW 665, LAW 667, and LAW 668), but in lieu of the LAW 677: MJ Thesis/Capstone course, dual degree students will take SOWK 606: Practice in Research. Please note: students must consult with both their law school thesis advisor and social work instructor to ensure their research practicum meets the requirements for both schools, i.e. a legal aspect incorporated into the assignment. 

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