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School of Social Work

Graduate Courses

The faculty of the School of Social Work wanted to make the degree programs more accessible, rigorous, and affordable and spent two years reviewing and discussing the curriculum with those goals in mind. The outcome of those deliberations was a unanimous vote to change the curriculum and offer the revised curriculum. The curriculum provides better consistency within the program, a rigorous and streamlined process to the degree, and expands on the school’s innovative use of simulation to support student training.

The new BSW and 1st year MSW curriculum include:

  • A new one-week immersion experience where students will engage directly with communities and see first-hand how social workers engage with diverse populations,
  • Revised required courses that meet all CSWE accreditation standards and competencies,
  • Development of a checklist to ensure all required infused content is present in all courses, and
  • A reduction in credit hours
    • For the required BSW major social work courses: the current 41 credit hours is revised to 32 credit hours
    • For the MSW program, the current 29 credit hours is revised to 26 credit hours.
  • The change in the BSW program does not change the required 15 credit hours of required social science courses or the overall requirement for 120 credit hours for a bachelor’s degree.

The new 2nd year MSW curriculum include: 

  • A focus on two areas of specialization rather than the current five,
  • Two new courses required of all students regardless of area of specialization,
  • Introduction of tracks with consistency of structure across all tracks,
  • Development of a checklist to ensure all required infused content is present in all courses, and 
  • A reduction in credit hours from the current 31 credit hours to the revised 23 credit hours.

The schedule for implementation is as follows:

Fall 2021: All new 2-year MSW students and BSW students beginning their social work courses will receive the revised 1st year MSW curriculum. All second year MSW students, Advanced Standing MSW students, and BSW students in the 5th year of the BSW/MSW 5-year program will receive the existing 2nd year MSW curriculum.

Fall 2022: All MSW students and BSW students will receive the revised 1st and 2nd year MSW curriculum.  

For course prerequisite information, please view the LOCUS Course Catalog.