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School of Social Work

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SOWK 652: Organizations, Program Development, and Evaluation

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This course is one of the three LDSS courses. It focuses on the role of an effective supervisor, supervision and leadership models, styles, theories, etc. Together with SOWK 652, 653, and other required advanced level courses, it constitutes the LDSS concentration.
sustainability, and evaluation. The course draws upon an ecological systems-based understanding of nonprofit organizations and program development, situating social service nonprofits in historical policy contexts.

Issues of race and power in U.S. social service and community organizations are integral to the course. Program development is presented using an approach that also highlights the role of power, values, needs, and resources in decision-making processes. Grant-writing skills are developed alongside a critical analysis of social entrepreneurship and longstanding models of philanthropy. Knowledge and application of technology-based strategies to monitoring, evaluation, and program improvement through data collection, data analysis, and data presentation are covered as well.