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Meal Plans

The Campus Card Office works in conjunction with the Department of Residence Life and Dining Services to provide meal plans for students and employees alike. Meal plans can be used at all on-campus dining facilities, including Center Stage Cafe, Connections Cafe, Damen Dining, Damen Food Court, de Nobili Dining, Engrained: A Green Cafe, Lu's Old Fashioned Deli & Pub, Nina's Cafe, and Simpson Dining. Please note that students may only have one meal plan per term.  


All undergraduate resident students at the Lake Shore Campus are required to have a meal plan per the Department of Residence Life. Students select the desired meal plan through the Housing Contract. If no meal plan is selected, the student will be assigned the lowest meal plan applicable (based on standing and residence hall).

View all meal plan options available to students residing on campus.

Resident students may change their meal plans using the appropriate Change Request Form prior to the indicated deadline.

Cancellation of the Housing Contract should be directly with the Department of Residence Life. Once a Housing Contract cancellation is approved, the meal plan is also void. Students should cancel their housing contract (and, thus, their meal plan) prior to the beginning of the term to avoid meal plan enrollment charges.

If a housing contract is cancelled, but the student wishes to continue with a meal plan, the student should request a meal plan using the Non-Resident Meal Plan Request.


Meal plans are optional for non-resident students. Any student that does not live on campus must submit a request each semester he or she wishes to have a meal plan.

View all meal plan options available to students residing off campus.

All non-resident students who wish to cancel their meal plan must do so in writing to: campuscard@luc.edu.


While resident students are not required to have a meal plan during summer terms, interested students may request one of three declining balance meal plan options using this form.


All Access plans allow students to enjoy meals at Damen, de Nobili, and Simpson Dining Halls based on the pre-determined schedule of funded days each semester. This plan provides unlimited access to these facilities during hours of operation, granting one entry per 30-minute period. All access plans also include Dining Dollars which provide students the ability to make ala carte purchases from any on-campus dining facility, including on-campus food courts and cafés.

All Access plans are required for first- and second-year resident students, and are available to all other resident and non-resident students alike.

Note: Dining Dollars carry over from semester to semester, but not year to year. All remaining funds associated with meal plans expire annually in May.


Dining Dollars Declining Balance plans are similar to a debit account with the original balance set as requested and funds removed based on purchases. This plan may be used at any on-campus dining facility, including on-campus food courts and cafés.

This plan gives students with kitchens in their residence halls the flexibility to supplement meals they prepare with meals in the dining facilities.

Dining Dollar declining balance plans are available to junior and senior resident students, and all non-resident students.

Note: Dining Dollar declining balance funds carry over from semester to semester, but not year to year. All remaining funds associated expire annually in May.


Block plans provide a specific number of guaranteed, all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester for breakfast, lunch and dinner (brunch & dinner on weekends) at Damen, de Nobili, and Simpson Dining Halls, as well as at the Water Tower Campus dining facilities upon request.

One meal is subtracted from the remaining meal balance for each meal used. Unused meals do not carry over from semester to semester.

Block plans are available for all non-resident students and employees only.

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