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The Rambler Card is your key to many services at Loyola. Use your Rambler Card to access your meal plan, gain access to campus buildings and identify yourself to other Loyola students, faculty and staff.

The Campus Card Office

The Rambler Card is Loyola's official identification card and identifies all members of the Loyola community.

Faculty and staff can be issued a Rambler Card upon confirmation of employment. Prior to visiting the Card Office, all new faculty and staff are encouraged to confirm the issuance of their Loyola Identification Number (or LID), which authorizes them to receive a Rambler Card. At that time, new faculty and staff may visit either of our Campus Card Office locations.

Students attending orientation are typically issued a Rambler Card as part of the program's schedule.  If not attending orientation, students can visit the Campus Card Office to be issued their Rambler Card once they have enrolled in classes. 

The Rambler Card provides access to the university shuttle bus and campus libraries. Departments can also grant specific cardholders access to specialty facilities, such as computer labs and other campus buildings by notifying the Department of Campus Safety, via the Security Log Access Request. Additionally, other campus facilities (i.e. the Halas Recreation Center, the Parking Garages) use the Rambler Card as a membership card to gain access once the cardholder is authorized.

The Rambler Card also houses student Meal Plans, and acts as a pre-paid debit card with Rambler Bucks. The Rambler Card can be used at on-campus dining facilities, either campus bookstore, printing stations, vending machines, parking facilities, campus copy centers, select off-campus restaurants, along with numerous other locations.

For students, Loyola Rambler Cards are active from the first term of enrollment until four months after the last date of the last term of enrollment. For employees, Loyola Rambler Cards are active from the date of hire to the date of termination. Activation dates for all other community members who receive a Rambler Card can vary based on the roles and responsibilities at the University.