Loyola University Chicago

Campus Card

Card Basics

Deactivate/Reactivate a Card

If you lose or misplace your Rambler Card, please suspend usage of that card through the Online Card Office or by contacting the Campus Card Office immediately. If the card is found, the individual may reactivate the card through the Online Card Office or by contacting the Campus Card Office.

If the card is not found, please visit the Campus Card Office for a replacement campus card.

Proper Card Care 

The following are tips on proper card care to best maintain the condition of your Rambler Card:

* Keep away from keys & key chains

* Avoid contact with magnetic objects

* Keep in a protector (wallet or cardholder)

* Do not create any punctures 

* Avoid exposing to water/weather

Replacement Card Fee 

The cost of a replacement Rambler Card is $25.00. Visit either of the Campus Card Office locations to receive a replacement card.

Report a Problem

If you experience any difficulties with your Rambler Card, please contact the Campus Card Office by phone at 773.508.2273, email at campuscard@luc.edu, anonymously online, or in person at either Lakeshore or Water Tower Campus Card Office locations.