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Meal Plan Changes

General Information and Deadlines

Resident students request a meal plan on their housing contract with the Department of Residence Life. Students can request to change a meal plan during a restricted period at the beginning of each term.

Meal plan changes for the term will be reflected on their student account in LOCUS and on their Rambler Card within five to seven business days.

Change a Resident Meal Plan 

Resident meal plan change request forms can be found on the Campus Card Forms page.

Cancel a Resident Meal Plan 

All undergraduate resident students at the Lakeshore Campus are required to have a meal plan per the Department of Residence Life housing requirement.  Cancellation of the Housing Contract should be completed directly with the Department of Residence Life.  Once a Housing Contract cancellation is approved, the meal plan is also void.  Students should cancel their housing contract (and, thus, their meal plan) prior to the beginning of the term to avoid meal plan enrollment charges.

Students wishing to appeal the resident meal plan requirement should do so using the Meal Plan Release/Exemption Form through the Department of Residence Life.

If a housing contract is cancelled, but the student wishes to continue with a meal plan, the student should request a meal plan using the Non-Resident Meal Plan Request below.

Request a Non-Resident Meal Plan  

Non-Resident Meal Plan Requests can be submitted through the Campus Card Forms page. 

Cancel a Non-Resident Meal Plan   

All non-resident students who wish to cancel their meal plan, must do so in writing. Please submit the request to campuscard@luc.edu.

If you have further questions, please contact the Campus Card Office at campuscard@luc.edu

If you are experiencing any problems with your Campus Card, please let us know: Report a Problem.