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Resident Meal Plans

Note: The Campus Card Office is not responsible for booking, changing, or cancelling meal plans. All Resident and Non-Resident meal plan requests or changes are processed by the Department of Residence Life.

The Campus Card Office works in conjunction with the Department of Residence Life and Dining Services to provide meal plans for those students living in residence halls. When a student signs a housing contract with the Department of Residence Life, the student selects a single meal plan. Students can use the meal plan at on-campus Dining Services locations. All meal plan bookings, changes, and cancellations are processed by the Department of Residence Life.

NOTE: First and second year resident students are required to be on an All-Access meal plan. Please contact the Department of Residence Life with any questions regarding the Meal Plan Requirement.

When selecting a meal plan, students should consider the lowest meal plan option available to them. Students have a limited period at the beginning of each term to submit a Meal Plan Change Request Form*.

Please note that Dining Dollars carry over from semester to semester, but not academic year to academic year. Alternatively, Block Meals do not carry from semester to semester. All meal plan funds expire annually in May.

Students should choose the meal plan that best fits their lifestyle for the academic year:

Door Rates Per Meal
Meal PeriodSpring 2024Fall 2024
Breakfast$10.00 $10.50 
Lunch/Brunch$11.00 $11.50 
Dinner$11.50 $12.00 

 *The Campus Card Office does not authorize any changes or cancellations of a meal plan. Students interested in being waived or released from the Meal Plan Requirement should submit a Request for Meal Plan Release through the Department of Residence Life or contact them directly with any additional questions about eligibility. 

If you are experiencing any problems with your Campus Card, please let us know: Report a Problem.