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2014-2015 CLC Small Group Leaders


Tom Baran CLC Coordinator Photo

Tom Baran

This year will be my second year as a Spanglish CLC leader. I am a junior double majoring in Secondary Education and History with minors in Spanish and English as a Second Language. Recently I came back from South America where I spent six months in the great country of Chile and another month traveling. If it's not already obvious, I love Spanish and all things Latino! I have been in Spanglish CLC since my freshman year and love the combined cultural and spiritual aspect of the group. Stop by for a meeting Monday nights at Gonzaga House!

Emily Cybulla Coordinator Photo

Emily Cybulla

I am a senior studying biochemistry. I am involved with Christian Life Communities, Alternative Break Immersions, undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry research, Loyola 4 Chicago weekly volunteering, and Hunger Week. I joined a CLC as a freshman at Loyola because I was looking for a sense of belonging on campus, and I am in my third year of leading a CLC because I hope to foster the same intentional, supportive environment that made me fall in love with small faith-sharing groups. Originally from the beautiful state of Michigan, I enjoy cooking, baking, reading, and spending time outdoors. Additionally, I get especially excited when discussing Catholic Social Teaching, eco-theology, dogs, and organic chemistry.

Emelia Gleber Coordinator Photo

Emelia Gleber

I am a senior Theology/ Anthropology major.  I was drawn to CLC because I thought it would be a good way to grow in my faith and meet new people, which as a transfer student was really important to me.  I joined one my sophomore year and decided I wanted to lead a group, increasing my commitment to the program because I realized it was an important part of my life here at Loyola.  As a senior now, I am so excited to be on the CLC Council and work with the team to make CLC an even stronger program as we expand and welcome new members into our community.  Outside of CLC I work in Admissions, help incoming transfer students, and participate in retreats and ABI programs.  I love seeing all new students welcomed onto campus and working with them to ensure they grow to love Loyola as much as I have!

Haleigh Martin

I am a senior majoring in English and Secondary Education. This year will be my second year leading a CLC.  I first joined a CLC because sophomore year was full of several “What is going on in my life??!” moments. By participating in a CLC, I found a sacred space where I felt comfortable sharing my big faith questions, learned to make peace with uncertainty, and had the opportunity to wonder, hope, pray, discern, and love with beautiful, encouraging people. I am passionate about education and interfaith ministry. For fun, I like to bike, read, swim, sew, try new food, and spend time with people with whom I can laugh. 

Vikky Perez Coordinator Photo

Vikky Perez

I am a third year Special Education major. I love being active, going to church, looking up pictures of baby pigs, and working crazy hours at a pizzeria. I am one of the coordinators for the Spanglish CLC here at Loyola and let me tell you, this community rocks! Always having been involved at my church back at home, I wanted to continue to do so here in college. I've built incredible friendships through and with Christ for three years now, and I've learned more about myself than I have in any other period of time in my life. Joining Spanglish CLC freshman year was absolutely the best decision I could've made.

John Tyler

I am a sophomore at Loyola studying Business Management. I am a CLC Leader and am a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. I love CLCs because of the opportunities they provide to dive deep into my faith, share my life with others, make great friends, and learn about others' lives. I love Chipotle, country music, playing my guitar, singing, and watching movies. I'm always eager to try new things and make more friends. I am very excited for this year and I cannot wait to get CLCs started up again!


Lauren King

I am a sophomore here at Loyola where I major in nursing. I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin and admire all that Chicago has to offer. I was drawn to CLCs because they provide a way for me to practice and grow in my faith with supportive communities of students and faculties. This year, I will be leading a Freshman CLC. In my leisure time, I enjoy photography, running on the Lake Shore path, kayaking, and traveling with friends and family.


Samantha Anderson

I'm a senior nursing student at Loyola. I joined CLC at Loyola because faith has never been easy for me. I need friends to support me and encourage me to keep at it and remind me of God's presence in my life. Being a part of CLC is a weekly reminder to keep working at my faith and growing as an individual. When I graduate I want to be a nurse, but more importantly I want to be a mom someday. I love the outdoors and any hobbies that happen outside, especially hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, and beekeeping.


Elena Kurudza

I am actually a Loyola Alumnus (Class of 2014 what up??) and am now a graduate student here at Loyola pursuing a Masters in Medical Science. The idea behind the CLC I will be leading is quite simple; I love God and I love all things science so I figured a CLC that explored this relationship would be pretty rockin’. During undergrad I performed Molecular Genetics research in the Biology Department and have fully embraced my nerdiness. When I am not geeking out about science things I work at a tea store in Lincoln Park (although I am a closet coffee lover deep down). I am a Wisconsin girl through and through so I am all about that outdoors life and anything related to the Packers. I have a slightly strange obsession with hedgehogs (how can something so spiny be so cute and cuddly?) and if I had an infinite supply of money I would buy every single piece of clothing at JCREW.


Kara Becker

I am a junior studying Molecular Biology at Loyola. I started CLC as a sophomore, and I fell in love. I love having a small group of people my age sharing their faith experiences with me as well as sharing my own. I am involved in Greek Life, Global Brigades, CLC, volunteering, and I am also a desk receptionist. After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school to be a Physician Assistant. I am so excited to be a CLC leader this year and work with you!


Jeremiah Martin

I am a junior history/psychology major and lead a CLC for my fellow men’s Rugby players. I am also a desk manager at Bellarmine Hall, a board chair for the student community board and an orientation leader. I really like the CLC that I'm involved with because it's a great group of guys that I get a chance to play with every week and then get to know better through our small group.


Hannah Hester-Goralski

I’m a sophomore public relations major with a sports management minor. I joined a CLC my freshman year and I absolutely loved it. I knew I was looking for something more to deepen my faith life but I didn't know where to look. Joining CLC was the best decision I made since deciding to come to Loyola. At Loyola I am also involved in Residence Life, PRSSA, Sports Management Club and Campus Ministries.


Katie Dubielak

I am a Sophomore at Loyola majoring in Social Work with minors in Political Science and Spanish Language. I love to read, I am a junkie for Pinterest DIY projects, and I love Sudoku puzzles. At Loyola I am in the Honors Student Association, I lead and participate in a CLC, and I work at the Sullivan Center as a Telecounselor. And, as strange as it sounds, I love love love Chicago winters! I adore CLC because it is a great way to meet people who are passionate about their spirituality and is an environment that nurtures intelligent discussion and reflection. I look forward to a great year and meeting all of my new CLCers!


Jessica Hulec

I am a senior Psychology major, Theology minor and am hoping to get Masters degrees in Education, Divinity, and Pastoral Counseling. I love long walks on the beach, reading, writing, and general goofiness. I have read all of the Harry Potter books at least 30 times. I super love pizza and knowing about other people's passions.  This interest in others' passions and vocations caused me to want to lead a CLC, and I hope to help you realize, refine, and live out your passion!


Joshua Kirkpatrick

I'm a co-leader of the LGBTQ CLC.  I'm also the Vice President of Advocate, which is the LGBTQIA Student Organization on campus. I was drawn to my CLC because it allowed me to learn how to merge my identity as a gay male and as a Christian, and gave me a space to grow in my relationship with God.  I'm a Senior, majoring in Theatre. I love dabbling in both visual and performing arts, and I work on costumes and makeup as well.  You'll probably see me around Chicago, or on campus, running around at a film shoot or diligently sketching on a couch at the IC.  As a Child Of A Deaf Adult (CODA) I know American Sign Language, so if you ever want to pick up some signs, or impress others by signing together just strike up a conversation with me!


Lizzie Sextro
I am a junior this year, and I am a double major in Theology and English with a Catholic Studies minor. This year, I will be co-leading the LGBTQI CLC. Having been a member of this CLC last year, I must say that this CLC did/does a beautiful thing in my faith life by combining two identities with which I strongly identify, and I am extremely grateful for its existence. Besides being a CLC leader, I am an RA in Mertz Hall this year, working specifically with the Service and Faith Learning Community. I am also involved in the SMILE program, I am an alter server as 9pm masses, I am a writing center tutor, and I will be participating in a research fellowship this academic year regarding Queer Theology. For fun, I enjoy reading, dancing, singing, and watching Grey's Anatomy. Join a CLC! They will certainly make an impact in your faith life!


Carolyn McKee

This fall, I am beginning my senior year at Loyola. I’ve been involved with Christian Learning Communities since sophomore year and really enjoy the faith community it offers. CLC is an opportunity to set aside all of that really exciting schoolwork for one hour per week and indulge in community, reflection, and prayer. Here at Loyola, I’m studying English Literature and Spanish and hope to answer the ever-present “post-grad” question with some type of international mission work, ideally teaching English. Last semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid— I absolutely love to travel and see the world. I also like listening to music, watching movies, going to the beach, and pretty much anything involving a great group of friends.


Kimberly Ramirez

My major is Biology with a Molecular Emphasis, my minors are Spanish and Bioethics, and I am working towards becoming a physician after graduation.  Within Campus Ministry I have been a part of CLC since my sophomore year in addition to altar serving and liturgical ministry. As a senior, I look forward to leading a CLC and getting to know new students. In Kapwa, Loyola's Filipino Student Organization, I am an Athletics Co-coordinator and enjoy playing football, basketball, and cultural dancing.  Meeting in a CLC has become a highlight for me each week because it is a special space to come together and focus on being present with the people around us.


Olivia Imbrogno

I am a Sophomore and an Advertising and Public Relations major. I love to paint and do crafty DIY projects in my free time. I also love to drink tea and spend time with my friends and family. I joined a CLC freshman year because I was searching for a solid community of people who had similar values as myself and who were also striving to deepen and grow in their faith life. I am so happy I have CLC, as it has given me a place to feel at home on campus, grow in my faith, and make some great friends!


Jorge Venta

I am a member of the Spanglish CLC here on campus and have been since my freshman year when a friend invited me to participate on one of their meetings.  Spanglish CLC has been a great way to build community and make friends with similar people that share similar heritage and have similar faith journeys and struggles.  I was born in Puerto Rico to a devoutly Catholic household and faith has always been a key component in my life. Spanglish CLC helped me focus on my faith as a moved from my home country, while still using my native language.  I look forward to growing through CLC and giving back to it as a leader. I am a junior Economics and Entrepreneurship double major at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola.


Charissa Qiu

I hail from Singapore, a tiny island in Southeast Asia. I’m a second-year graduate assistant with Campus Ministry, working on my Masters’ in Pastoral Studies. I have been part of a Marianist lay community (small group faith-sharing and commitment to live in line with the Marianist values) since 2012 and I find community to be a crucial part in maturing in my faith – what’s most important to me in life is relationships! To me, working for social justice and peace is what the Gospel is about, and is something integral to my life. I love reading, biking, swimming, crafting, and checking out thrift stores and the gems hidden in them, and I have 2 goals in life – learn how to knit, and learn how to harmonize (teachers welcome)!‚Äč


Patrick Magner

I am a Graduate Assistant whose work focuses on First Year Students and Liturgy. In between his sophomore and junior years of college, I spent a year as a City Year AmeriCorps member, working as a tutor and mentor on Chicago's west side. I graduated from Dominican University with a B.A. in Psychology in 2011 and then spent several years working on staff for City Year. I am currently enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program here at Loyola and in my free time I play the bagpipes with Chicago's Shannon Rovers Irish Pipe Band.