Loyola University Chicago

Campus Transportation

Loyola Lots and Garages

C - Commuter Permit
E - Employee Permit
O - Overnight Permit
R - Resident Permit
V - Visitor

P1 - Main Structure (V, C, E)
P2 - Fordham Garage (V, C, E)  
P3 - West Loyola Lot (C, E)
1 -   Bellarmine Lot (R)
29 - Hoyne Lot (Special Permission ONLY)
34 - LeMoyne Lot (R)
49 - Fairfield Lot (R)
36 - Seattle Lot (R)
37 - Xavier Lot (Special Permission ONLY)
50 - Messina Lot (R)
51 - Spring Hill Lot (R)
52 - Canisius Lot (R)
53 - Marquette Lot (R)
54 - Marquette South Lot (R)
        Northend Lot (O, R)

West Loyola Lot Directions

P3—West Loyola Lot
1236 W. Loyola Ave.

Exit the Main Parking Structure. At the light turn right onto Sheridan Rd. Follow the curve of the road. Turn west on W. Arthur Ave. Turn right on N. Glenwood Ave. Turn right on W. Loyola Ave. The lot is located on the left (north) side directly next to the El tracks.

West Loyola Lot Directions