Loyola University Chicago

Campus Transportation

Resident Students

Fall 2017 and Annual 2017-2018 Resident Vehicle Permits are sold out. A waitlist has been started for Spring 2018 Resident Vehicle Permits.

Resident Students (students who live in Campus Residence Halls) may apply for a LSC Resident Vehicle Permit**. Once your information is submitted, you will be notified via e-mail about the status of your application.

**You must be residing on campus, in a Loyola University Chicago Residence Hall and have a signed housing agreement in order to apply for a Resident Vehicle Permit. 

If you are moving in early, please contact our office.

Application Instructions:

  1. Go to transportation.luc.edu
  2. Click on "Student Vehicle Permits."
  3. Log in using your Loyola username and password.
  4. Select the permit you wish to apply for.
  5. Enter your vehicle information. You may register only one vehicle for a resident permit.
  6. You will be emailed your parking assignment once your application is approved. You do not have a parking permit until Campus Transportation sends you a parking assignment.
  7. Pick up your permit at the Campus Transportation office. 
  8. You will be billed once the permit is picked up.

This is a new web application, please click on the link above and select "Apply for a Resident Vehicle Permit."

Resident Permit General Information

  • LSC Resident Vehicles Permits include Overnight parking.
  • No spaces or applications are guaranteed due to the limited space available on campus.
  • Vehicles in any Resident Lot must have a Loyola Resident Vehicle Permit. The permit must be displayed on the lower right corner of the back windshield at all times.
  • Any vehicle in a Resident lot not properly displaying a valid Resident Vehicle Permit will be ticketed and towed at the owners expense.
  • Freshmen are NOT allowed to have a Resident Vehicle Permit.

Resident Permit Lot Upkeep Fees


2017-2018 Resident Permit Fees  
Spring 2018 (01/08/2018-05/15/2018) $286 Waitlist Started
Fall 2017 (08/21/2017-12/23/2017) $275  Waitlist Started
Annual 2017-2018 (08/21/2017-05/15/2018)  $550 Waitlist Started


Resident Vehicle Permit Lot Information

Resident Vehicle Permits are ONLY available during Academic Year 2017–2018 for the following lots:

  • Bellarmine
  • Canisius
  • Fairfield
  • LeMoyne
  • Marquette
  • Marquette South
  • Messina
  • North End
  • Seattle
  • Spring Hill

Resident Permits are extremely limited throughout the year. You will NOT be guaranteed a permit.

Please contact the Campus Transportation office with any questions.