Loyola University Chicago

Campus Transportation

Vehicle & Traffic Regulations

All lot rules and regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Holidays and Break times are no exception. Contact the Campus Transportation office for any questions about parking during Break, Finals, and Holidays.

Traffic Regulations 

  1. The speed limit on campus is 15 MPH. The speed limit inside all parking lots is 5 MPH.
  2. Pedestrians shall, at all times, have the right of way.
  3. Operating or parking a motor vehicle on sidewalks or grass is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Campus Transportation office. Yellow curbs designate NO PARKING areas.
  4. No vehicle shall be operated in such a manner as to cause interference with operations of the University or to emit noise in such a manner as to disturb the peace of the University.
  5. Any vehicle that breaks down on University property must be reported immediately to Campus Police. Major mechanical repairs to vehicles on university property are prohibited.

Parking Regulations 

  1. One is responsible for abiding by all signs posted at Loyola lots.
  2. Parking on Campus Road is strictly prohibited.
  3. Overnight parking is defined as parking in a lot on campus later than 2 am.  Overnight parking is only permitted in the Northend lot with the exception of resident permit holders in their assigned lots. To park in the Northend lot overnight, one must display a current overnight permit (obtained from the Campus Transportation office) in their vehicle.  This will allow parking no later than noon the following day.
  4. One may not park illegally anywhere on campus for loading/unloading purposes without prior consent from the Campus Transportation office and submission of: vehicle information, exact time for loading/unloading, and the exact location of their vehicle.  (This excludes regularly scheduled vendors.)
  5. When parking, the entire vehicle must be located within the marked boundary of the parking space. The fact that another vehicle has improperly parked does not constitute an excuse for other vehicles to improperly park. Backing into stalls is prohibited.
  6. Compact Car spaces: In order to be in compliance for a compact car space, the car must be small enough to fit within the inner yellow lines of the space, including in the rear. "Compact SUVs" are not considered compact cars. 
  7. Any person without a valid ticket is responsible for paying the Lost Ticket Fee. The Lost Ticket Fee is $14.00. LOST TICKET FEE WILL INCREASE TO $16 ON AUGUST 1, 2023. 
  8. The University is not responsible or liable for loss or damage by reason of fire, theft, collision or any other cause to vehicle or contents of the same.  The vehicle owner and occupants assume full responsibility for any personal injuries which may occur while the vehicle is parked in the parking facility.
  9. Definition of parked: an unoccupied vehicle, stopped with the engine turned off.

Permit Policies 

  1. Permit holders are responsible for properly displaying their permit sticker (affixed, not taped, to their rear windshield in the lower passenger side corner) while parking on campus.  Failure to display your permit properly is a failure to display proof of payment and may be a ticketed offense.
  2. For permit holders who have rear windshields with heat sensitivity or heavy tinting, the permit sticker will be considered properly displayed in the front windshield (lower passenger side).
  3. The person to whom Loyola has issued the parking permit of a vehicle will be held responsible for the safe operation and proper parking of his/her vehicle, regardless of who may be operating the vehicle.
  4. Permits are not transferable.  Shared parking access will result in loss of parking privileges and being reported to student affairs.
  5. Carpool permit holders must drive one car together in any given day. The permit does not allow the parking of two separate vehicles at the same time. Violators will automatically lose their campus parking privileges.
  6. All permit holders must swipe in with their Loyola ID card when entering the parking structure. Taking a ticket will not be accepted. Failure to swipe in may result in the loss of parking access.
  7. Permit holders who have forgotten their Loyola ID are responsible for paying the Daily $8.00 Lot Upkeep Fee. 
  8. $25.00 will be assessed for all lost, damaged, stolen or replacement permits.
  9. Student Permit Parking is for currently enrolled students only. Access will be turned off for students who are no longer enrolled at Loyola University.
  10. Loyola parking permit holders with two or more outstanding parking tickets will automatically lose their parking privileges.