Loyola University Chicago

Campus Transportation

Ticket Appeals

Ticket appeals must be submitted within 14 business days from the issue date on the citation. All appeals will be reviewed by the vehicle violation appeals board. The appeals board is an impartial body comprised of Loyola students, faculty and staff outside of the Campus Safety or Campus Transportation department. The appeals board meets monthly to make decisions on all pending appeals.

Ticket appeals can be submitted online only at park.luc.edu. Paper, emailed, or in-person appeals will not be accepted. Appeals submitted past the 14 day appeal period will not be accepted. You will receive an email receipt once your appeal has been successfully submitted.

You will be notified by email of the decision. All appeals board decisions are final and not subject to further appeal.

If you have any questions please contact our office directly at 773.508.7036.

For a list of our vehicle rules and regulations, please click here.


Please note: The following are not considered valid reasons for appeal and are highly unlikely to be approved:

  • lack of knowledge of vehicle and traffic regulations 
  • failure to follow posted signs
  • the fact that you or others have parked in a similar fashion previously

Please also note that police officers will take a digital photograph of any vehicle committing an offense while distributing a ticket.