Loyola on-campus research opportunities include aiding faculty research, joining research labs, participating in ongoing research projects, and developing independent research projects.

Academic Centers

Academic Centers are a hub for research on campus. Many academic centers sponsor fellowships for students and provide experience working with faculty, community partners, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL): CURL focuses on collaborating with community based organizations to develop research on issues like homelessness, welfare reform, affordable housing, and domestic violence. Learn more about the Center for Urban Research and Learning Fellowship here.

Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage (CCIH): CCIH provides students with opportunities to work as research assistants in faculty-led projects or develop their own projects, with the intent of advancing the study of Catholic thought within the realm of the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities (CTSDH): CTSDH combines research within computer science and the humanities for digital textual editing, archiving, and publishing.

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership: Gannon conducts “multidisciplinary research that addresses the intersection of women, social justice, and leadership.” The Gannon Center sponsors the Women in Science Enabling Research (WISER) Fellowship and internships for students.

School of Environmental Sustainability (SES): IES supports research on sustainability and natural resources in the Chicagoland area. Recent undergraduate research projects have explored the role of muskrats in ecological wetlands, biodiversity, and microplastic consumption. IES sponsors the Carbon Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility: The Baumhart Center promotes ethical business and social justice endeavours. The Baumhart Center supports research exploring the social responsibility of businesses through the Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship.

Inigo Communications: Inigo is Chicago’s only student run communications agency. They specialize in branding, advertising, and market research to gather data about customers, competition, and marketplace tools.


Loyola is the home of several interactive laboratories where undergraduate students can work as research assistants to primary investigators. Working in a lab allows for students to gain professional experience and key research and collaboration skills. Fellowships may be applied to labs, but students must draft their own abstract and project proposal when applying for fellowships to contribute to pre-existing projects. Joining a research lab is an excellent way for students to gain experience before creating their own research projects.

Loyola has a wide variety of lab spaces and projects ranging from sustainable farming to the Well-being and Emotion Lab at Loyola (WELL) to the Flex Lab’s STEM maker-space. Students interested in joining a research lab should explore available research opportunities in academic departments and centers on campus.

Faculty Research

At Loyola University Chicago, all departments conduct research and make meaningful contributions to their fields. If you wish to learn more about a program’s research projects, reach out to the program directors for available opportunities. You can find a full list of academic departments and programs here.