Emergency Response Plan & Structure


To provide a plan of action for an unexpected emergency or interruption of Loyola University Chicago operations that is beyond the scope of daily operating response procedures and to accomplish the following goals after an affected site/program/function has been rendered inoperable: safety of human life, protection of property/environment, continuity of academic/business operations, and restoration/replacement of regular University operations as soon as possible.

Our Structure

The governance structure is setup so that each of the 8 section leaders and their 14 division supervisors can each operate independently and in an autonomous manner. Each section is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the University, reporting back those decisions, communications, and issues should they arise into the Management, Policy & Command section.

Click here to view the emergency response organizational chart.

Program Officers

Government Liaison Officer Philip Hale
Vice President for Civic Engagement
Health Safety Officer Joan Holden
Director, Wellness Center
Public Information Officer Jeremy Langford
Vice President, University Marketing & Communication
Safety Officer Tom Murray
Chief of Police, Campus Safety
Technology Officer Susan Malisch
Vice President, Information Technology Services
Incident Commander Jim Sibenaller
Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services

Division Supervisors

Operations: Academic Continuity
Summer Maria Lettiere and Susan Ries
Fall David Slavsky
JFRC Fall Scott Hendrickson
Operations: Campus Continuity
Faculty & Staff Joan Stasiak
Research Meharvan Singh
Gatherings & Events Dawn Collins
Classroom Academic Asim Gangopadhyaya – LSC
Maciek Nowak –WTC
Greg Greuner - HSC
Residence Halls Deb Schmidt-Rogers
Operations: Constituency Engagement
Undergrad Jane Neufeld
Graduate & Continuing Education Goutham Menon
Staff Winifred Williams
Alumni & Donors Karen Paciero
Community Summur Roberts

NOTE: Alternates have been identified in case current working group members can no longer perform their duties.

Watch Video

Watch the informational webinar hosted by Senior Vice President for Administrative Services Tom Kelly, which details the University’s Emergency Response Plan and Structure held on May 15, 2020. WATCH VIDEO

NOTE: Your UVID and password are required to watch the video.